NAVER Creator Day Vol.2

iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 커뮤니케이션 부분 수상

FM always welcomes new things

FM accepts the new, and makes it better

We are the NO.1 promotion company

This vision has been FM’s traditional mindset and philosophical strategy for the last 29 years.

It is our know-how that had us take the lead as the most unique promotion company.


Projects Completed


Years of Experience


Satisfied Clients


Bemoved Makers


Sales Promotion

Maximize brand experience

FM offers inspirational storytelling marketing solutions and differentiated brand experiences.

Events are planned with exact marketing purposes and we present different types of tools according to the target and their personality.

Mega Event

Exceed in large scale events

We carry out large-scale domestic and overseas projects with the industry’s largest professional manpower to ensure solid infrastructure and stability.

We are proposing Mega event of FM which received the spotlight of the media with progress of large-sized production event.


Enhance exhibition quality

Professionals of FM collaborate with a variety of trend setting partners in installation and design, bringing together high quality exhibitions.

We guarantee quality from production to execution, to make the experience a breakthrough.


Fuse people-centered content and technology

Rather than making VR technology-centered, we create people-oriented contents based on creative ideas.

Our VR Platform provides curated contents through our WAVRP operation.

Space Marketing

Construct an optimal space where clients and brands meet

Since 2008, we have been actively promoting our annual sales with reliable marketing. We provide super large complex buildings and corporate brand distribution channel marketing.

CT (Culture & Technology)

Enhance exhibition quality

We pioneer development of advanced cultural contents and coordinate lifestyles by studying and managing various subjects and technologies.

We produce and distribute FM owned contents through a variety of technologies, focusing on cultural contents and goods.






Feel free to suggest any content to create an inspiring story with FM.